Time Aside is in partnership with The Root of It to work with and alongside Nurture Groups within a number of schools in supporting and developing the work they do to meet the needs of vulnerable pupils in mainstream settings.

Time Aside will be doing some kinesthetic sessions with both staff and pupils.

This work is currently funded by The Redhill Trust and we have focused on a select number of schools within the budget constraints.

Time Aside and The Root of It welcome any enquiries from schools who would like to be involved in this and similar programs.

"Training was informative and thought provoking - will be useful in Nurture Groups as a whole.
Was amazing to see the children fully engaged and we learnt a lot about being non-directive -I am looking forward to putting it into practice over the next few weeks."
(Nurture Goup staff feedback)



About the kinesthetic sessions.

Time Aside importantly understands the enormous experience and skills of the staff it will be engaging with. We work alongside staff in the work they are already doing in Nurture Groups and contribute some options which may be of use alongside many of the other strategies that are currently being used. We do this through a staff experiential, taster training session and then with sessions with the Nurture Group themselves.

We hope that we will contribute to the current Nurture Group remit to:

In between the first and last sessions schools will undertake a number of sessions themselves. 1 session a week of non-directive creative play as modeled in visit one for 4-6 weeks. This work will be evaluated by staff and children themselves. Evaluation forms will be completed at the beginning and end of the tranche of sessions.

The sessions themselves will example/provide the following:

• The strategies and management of sessions where the opportunities for a child and young person (CYP) to lead in their own play/enquiry are at centre.

• How we support and respond to the choices and activity of the CYP.

• Ours and others experience of the multi-sensory activity. Why is creative flow an important skill and experience for CYP particularly vulnerable CYP.

• The importance of the rich gift of materials as part of a Non Directive activity. Time Aside will assist schools to equip themselves with materials wherever possible.

• The meaning and purposes of Non Directive strategies and the opportunities this provides for meeting the issues of emotional, learning and behaviour needs.

• Ways of evaluating progress arising from the sessions.

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